iPhone Festivalguide

This mobile application functions as companion during the festival-stay and contains valuable information for the festival-visitors. An important part of the concept is the improvement of relevance for the information displayed to the user, dependent on the context of use he currently is in.

One important aspect in achieving this, is the integration of social networks into the application. The possibility to view event-favorites and, via request, the physical location of oneʻs social network, assists the user in se- lection of the events happening and decreases the effort expended on organ- izing the stay.

Furthermore one focus of attention is the integration of the userʻs physical lo- cation, as information-filter. The distance between user and festival-venues is being used to ease guidance and provide a superior basis for planning the stay. Those and additional context aware filters help the visitors in focussing their stay on the festival-experience.


Screenshots: iPhone Festivalguide

Screencast: iPhone Festivalguide

The concept and corresponding application was being developed in the framework of my bachelor thesis.

To relate the concept of such an application to a use-case, close to reality, and with the goal to gain hands-on experience, the “Frankfurter Museumsuferfest“ was being chosen to build a prototype application for the Apple iPhone.

Coaches: Prof. Dr. Fröhlich, Prof. Thull
Tags: iPhone, Mobile, Context-Aware, Location Based, Information Relevance

iPhone Festivalguide – Documentation (PDF, 6.62MB)