Imagiro – Ambient Club Resort

We created a concept, which boosts the holiday experience of vacationers by bringing ambient intelligence into holiday club resorts. Our innovative, intelligent and interconnected system provides an enhancement of comfort, relaxation and stress-free movement throughout the resort‘s area. Our goal was to accomplish an expanded, simplified and more comfortable use of club resort‘s offers and services.

Concept Map – Ambient Club Resort

Concept Map – Ambient Club Resort, based on an Aldiana Resort

Wristlet Design

Design for the RFID-Wristlets used in the concept

Guidance System

Illustration of the Guidance System used in the concept

Screencast: Interactive Terminal

Teammembers: Gabriel Awad, Firas Badran, Alexander Ewald, Boris Jäger, Victoria Onyeocha, Christopher Schwarz
Projectpartner: Aldiana GmbH

Imagiro Ambient Club Resort – Documentation (PDF, 21.1MB)