Ake App is a simple diary for people that are in chronic pain and want to document it. The focus is on the realization of the good days when you feel better then usual.

Core Features

  • Add entries with pain location and intensity to your diary
  • Add notes in order to keep track of the context of a specific entry
  • Get a simple and quick overview of the entries in your history
  • Dedicated Apple Watch App

Additional information about Ake

paij is your intelligent digital wallet and an all-in-one solution for anything you want to buy. You can add your credit cards and PayPal details and just leave your physical wallet at home.


Share moments, not photos. Do you remember the song you danced the night away with? How about the video that made you laugh to tears? pixoona makes these moments memorable and sharable.



A Semantic Web Application with the goal to aid visualization of complex knowledge domains of todays experts.

The concept and corresponding prototype was been developed in the framework of my Master Thesis.


This mobile application application functions as companion during the festival-stay and contains valuable information for the festival-visitors. An important part of the concept is the improvement of relevance for the information displayed to the user, dependent on the context of use she currently is in.


Screenshots: iPhone Festivalguide

The concept and corresponding application was being developed in the framework of my Bachelor Thesis.

Additional information about iPhone Festivalguide


Klangpong is an audible interpretation of the arcade classic “Pong”. It extends the gaming experience by enabling gaming between seeing and blind people by providing audible feedback of the game elements. The game and the menu interface do not dependend on its graphical representation and can thus be enjoyed in its an entirety with just a pair of headphones and a WiiMote.

Screenshot: Klangpong In-Game

Video: Klangpong

Teammembers: Alexander Ewald, Sebastian Gerhard, Dominic Szablewski

Additional information is available at: http://oakpark.de/klangpong/

klangpong – Documentation (PDF, 0.6MB)

Dare Stories is a concept for a series of crime books that are enhanced using augmented reality technology, which the reader is able to experience via a smartphone, offering a unique way to combine traditional book reading with interactive elements of computer games.

Early prototype demo of Dare Stories

Teammembers: Gabriel Awad, Alexander Ewald, Boris Jäger, Christopher Schwarz

Additional information about Dare Stories

We created a concept, which boosts the holiday experience of vacationers by bringing ambient intelligence into holiday club resorts. Our innovative, intelligent and interconnected system provides an enhancement of comfort, relaxation and stress-free movement throughout the resort‘s area. Our goal was to accomplish an expanded, simplified and more comfortable use of club resort‘s offers and services.

© Ilja Mašík - Fotolia.com

Teammembers: Gabriel Awad, Firas Badran, Alexander Ewald, Boris Jäger, Victoria Onyeocha, Christopher Schwarz

Additional information about Imagiro – Ambient Club Resort

Data Glove

During the third semester of my studies of Media Direction we build a Data Glove that can be used to detect gestures and therefore control a virtual environment. The glove is build using bending sensors and Arduino components and connects to any PC via Bluetooth.

Data Glove

Teammembers: Julita Kederiene, Ruwen Klingler, Burkhart Stempel

Additional information is available at: http://glove.ongray.de/


HLP entwicklungspartner Screenshot

Teammembers: Sebastian Gerhard, Lisa Eigenbrodt

HLP entwicklungspartner




Portrait of Johannes Freund

Master of Arts (Media Direction), Product Management, Product Consultancy, Interactive Concepts, Webdevelopment, Mobile Applications.

  • Johannes Freund
  • Liebfrauenstraße 108
  • 64289 Darmstadt
  • Germany


  • Since May 2017 | Head of Product at vaamo
  • May 2015 - May 2017 | Senior Product Manager at vaamo
  • January 2014 - April 2015 | Head of Product Development at paij
  • September 2012 - January 2014 | Interaction Designer at Pixoona
  • September 2010 - August 2012 | Master of Arts (Media Direction) at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany
  • September 2007 - July 2010 | Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media – Interactive Media) at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany
  • September 2006 - June 2007 | Civil Service at CBF Darmstadt (Assistance for people with disabilities)